Steam Library Retrospective: Air Forte

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August 8, 2016 by Devin

Previous Entry: Adventures of Shuggy

The following series idea, shamelessly stolen from List Oriented, is a chronicle of me trying to play through my extensive Steam Library and categorizing my thoughts along the way.

The rules: play through each game in alphabetical order for at least 1 hour. Then report back here with the findings.

The Game: Air Forte

Description: In this artsy odd game, you pilot a plane on a 2-dimensional plane and collect numbers based on mathematics. It leans into the silliness and has pictures of cats, so that’s all good.


Previous Experience: I think I loaded this up once after getting it in a Humble Bundle. Also, getting stuff that I’m not sure if I want but have anyway via a Humble Bundle will be a recurring theme. Get used to it.

My Experience: I will be honest: this is the first game that I will be breaking my rules for. This is because every time I loaded up the game, I got this:


Apparently after checking the forums, this is practically a universal problem. Even the ones who were able to get it running quickly had problems afterward that made it nearly unplayable. It’s okay, though, because I will persevere and move onto the next game. Speaking of which, what is the next game?


Rating: 0/10 crash puns

Next Entry: I hate you all.

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