An Update on My Life


January 18, 2015 by Devin

Hey people.[1]

So I have not posted here in a while, and while I do tend to hate those apology posts that happen to show up on blogs, I figured this was somewhat of a special case and an update was necessary.

I have been going through a lot of changes in the past month or so. I quit my job, moved to Nashville, and started graduate school. This means that I have a lot of ducks I need to put in order, which has caused significant amounts of stress. This has made it a lot harder to make the effort to put words down here. It is a lot harder to focus on posting about movies and media when you are not quite sure where you are going to live, for example.

But I have slowly begun sorting my life out, and I have been writing a lot more, so I am hoping to start posting some more stuff here for you guys to enjoy. I appreciate your patience knowing full well that I have not really earned it.

In the meantime, here are some things that I have seen lately that maybe you guys should check out if you are interested in them.

Film Crit HULK tackles Gone Girl. I, after lots of internal debate, ended up loving this movie, and I love FCH’s take on it.

Apparently love is just 46 questions away. I really want to do this with someone, but I am not sure if I want that level of commitment. Are there 46 questions to like someone out there? Maybe I should just stop after question 32 or so.

I started listening to podcasts, which means I have several to share.

The You Made It Weird podcast with Pete Holmes is great. Comedians talk about their craft, relationships, and God. Really recommend the ones with Bo Burnham, Jim Gaffigan, and Iliza Schlisinger.

The Canon, with Devin Faraci and Amy Nicholson, is a great serious discussion about film and which ones are worthy enough to enter the all-mighty canon. Their latest one was about Forrest Gump, and it was really interesting, but I also enjoyed their discussion about It’s A Wonderful Life and Romeo + Juliet (even though I highly disagreed with their assessment of the latter film).

I also finally got around to listening to the Serial podcast. I may have even binge-listened to it. It felt like an audiobook released like a TV show, combining real world journalism with real world emotional turmoil. Definitely will be looking out for more Serial and wondering if there are any copycats out there.

That is it for now. Be on the lookout for more posts here. Peace!


1. Do we have a name for fans of this blog yet? Something like Devites? Andrewians? Whites? Okay, I’ll stop now.
2. Should I start signing off like this on my posts? Is that cool? I want to be cool…

2 thoughts on “An Update on My Life

  1. Fiona Fire says:

    Good luck with grad school!

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