Why the #$%* does Todd Starnes Have an Opinion about Miss America?


September 16, 2013 by Devin

Update: Todd Starnes has clarified that his tweets were about supporting Miss Kansas and not about being against Miss New York. This explains his first couple tweets but doesn’t fully exonerate him from the tweets that followed, and I believe my initial thoughts still stand.

So Miss America happened last night, and normally I would not have anything to say about that. After all, it is Miss America. I have no interest in pageants at all. So why am I writing about it? Because this was the winner.

I was really tempted to Photoshop the Miss America crown on Todd Starnes, but I figured that would be just mean.

That is Nina Davuluri aka Miss New York. Now, in case you cannot tell, she is Indian (not Arab, not Muslim, not Al-Qaeda). Because of this, she has been the center of a lot of controversy, especially on Twitter.

There was one particular reaction that made me gag, though, and that was from Todd Starnes, Fox News personality:

Now I want to approach this from several angles. First, why does Todd Starnes care about Miss America? He’s a Fox News Journalist. I met him once, and he did not seem like a guy who has a vested interest in Miss America (though if someone knows if he is a Miss America enthusiast or not, let me know).

I think that he only watched this because there was a political element to it. Miss Kansas seems to have been a bit of a conservative wondergirl. And I get that, but it seems weird that he got worked up over it. After all, I like science, and I like Bill Nye, but if Bill Nye gets voted off of Dancing with the Stars, I am not going to blame the conservative media for not wanting a true intellect on their show.

Second off, it is always discouraging to see someone’s hard work and dedication be brushed off because of the color of their skin. Nina Davuluri had to go through the pageant, keep her body image up, and learn to say all the right things. Furthermore, she is studying to be a doctor, something that is incredibly difficult to do (I have a roommate who wants to be a doctor, and I have seen the stress that that goal can cause first hand).

But all of that does not matter because she is not-white. Clearly, it is affirmative action in the worst way. I think this happens whenever a non-white person makes a significant contribution or beat out whites in some way. When Barack Obama became president, I heard people make the claim that people only voted for him because he was black (because that strategy has worked out so well before). In fact, the only way for non-whites to avoid this criticism is to simply not succeed.

Because no one was going to look at Mitt Romney and think, “He only got to be President because he’s white.”

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I find Todd Starnes’s of “American values” to be fascinating. Apparently, carrying a gun and hunting deer are “American values”. Surely if only she had a gun, Todd Starnes would not have had a problem with Davuluri.

But what, historically, have been America’s values?

The Founding Fathers founded America as a secular institution that would not reject anyone based on their religious beliefs, whether they be Protestant, Catholic, Deist, or whatever beliefs they held.

Susan B. Anthony and the feminist movement pushed for equal rights for women as well, saying that women should not be held back by the government and perceived gender roles.

Martin Luther King Jr. pushed to have equality enforced for people regardless of their skin color, even when the local communities did not want to.

In short, I think American values are about embracing diversity more than conformity to the typical standard. America is about being a home to discussion and differing viewpoints. In fact, one of the most notable things about America (and something that makes me proud to be an American) was that America was the first to have a change in power that did not come from military action.*

That is what American values are about to me. And I think Todd Starnes should think about the values he is representing.

So do you have a vested interest in Miss America/Todd Starnes/America? What did you think about the decision and the backlash from it? Let me know in the comments below!


*I am referring to the election of Jefferson, who was a different political party than his predecessor. This was told to me by my high school history teacher and I can’t find a corroborating source on it, so keep that in mind.

2 thoughts on “Why the #$%* does Todd Starnes Have an Opinion about Miss America?

  1. Sam Jennings says:

    You have to admit the media and entertainment establishments have a penchant for lying to achieve the politically correct result. Miss Kansas is clearly the more attractive of the two, in my book… any day of the week. That’s nothing against the other lady, who isn’t “bad looking”, but if she had been running for Miss India she would have lost, because there are much better looking women from there. It’s really obvious they only packed her into the top position because she was not white, in order to prove they can “rise above racial stereotypes” and make a politically correct statement. This is the media & entertainment industry of 2013… and it does these things. It would be a lie to say they don’t.

    • Devin says:

      That’s a presumption, though, and one that fights for the status quo. Look, no matter what she did, no matter what anyone who was non-white would do, her success would be blamed on her skin color and not her ability.

      Plus, your individual preferences are fine to have, but to assume that the judges based their decision on being topical instead of the quality of the woman is incredibly presumptuous. I’m no expert in this field (and neither is Todd Starnes to my knowledge), but even in fields where I am an expert, I disagree with respected judges all the time. Yet even then I recognize that they have their opinions because they view the medium differently, not because they have agendas.

      My question is, if the judges wanted to be topical, why now? In the past 20 years, 80% of the Miss America winners have been white, including the past 3. What changed? Why is it suddenly imperative to be politically correct? If the judges really just wanted to make waves with a political statement, they could have done it a long time ago. I think it is much more likely that she was just the better candidate in the judges’ eyes.

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