Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer released

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December 6, 2012 by Devin

Paramount Pictures recently released the first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, the upcoming sequel to the 2009 reboot. On one hand, it looks awesome. On the other, well, there are things about it.

My initial thoughts:

  • Doesn’t it look a little like the trailer for Mass Effect 3? It definitely seems to be pulling from similar imagery, which I guess makes it come full circle given that Mass Effect took a lot of inspiration from the dynamics of the Star Trek series.
  • So, are all big action movies going to have scary voice overs from their main bad guys from now on? Am I just noticing this trend now or has this been a thing for a long time?
  • Benedict Cumberbatch will be awesome. That’s guaranteed.
  • Will we ever be seeing a revival of the intellectual and thoughtful side of Star Trek? If this trailer were for any other movie, I would be all over it, but this trailer does not seem like it fits my understanding of Star Trek.
  • Yep, that’s the Inception horn again. It’s not dead yet.

These comments sound a bit negative, but I do think this movie will be good. Hopefully it can bring in some more gravitas after the last relatively light affair.

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