Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Justice League?


November 27, 2012 by Devin

The following piece may end up spoiling some of Man of Steel, the upcoming Superman movie. Nothing plot-related, but if you want to be completely surprised and go in without expecting anything, you might want to skip this article and avoid all mentions of the Justice League movie.

According to HitfixMan of Steel will have a surprise cameo from none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, after his character took the mantle from Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. This cameo will lead in to the new version of the Justice League, where presumably Gordon-Levitt will star. And you know what? I’m perfectly okay with this.

On one hand, I figured I was about done with Nolan’s Batman series. Those who have heard me talk about TDKR know I have so major problems with it, and I am tired of the “I wear body armor and talk rough so people know I’m serious” Batman. So when Nolan announced that TDKR would be the last of his Batman movies, I was not too upset.

But on the other hand, while there were a lot of problems with TDKR, Detective John Blake* was not one of them. Gordon-Levitt’s character had a nicely realized arc, and Gordon-Levitt is a joy to watch onscreen. He is able to be taken seriously without limiting himself to only the serious mood. He has a humble personality onscreen, never commanding the spotlight but also being comfortable in it.

And just because he will be from the Nolan universe does not mean that he will be just like Christian Bale’s Batman. I hope they redesign the costume again and make it a bit less obnoxious and a lot more subtle. In addition, I do not see why Gordon-Levitt has to have the same gravitas (or the same awful voice) as Bale. This could be a great opportunity to redefine the character without losing the fans of Nolan’s movies.

Also, I have to admit that I was excited to see him entering the Batcave at the end of TDKR (and also a little disappointed to see it end there).

This connection between TDKR and the Justice League movie does raise some interesting questions, though. Does this mean that the Justice League will be Nolan-ized in the same way Batman was? Will Wonder Woman and Aquaman become super serious characters who are a metaphor for the way society crumbles and falls under crises?

While I hope not, I would not mind seeing a bit of Nolan’s influence on the superhero team. His vision gave a unique perspective on superheroes, and I would hate for Warner Bros. to completely abandon that and ape Marvel simply because Marvel was popular.

Of course, this is all a rumor. It could be that Warner Bros. just decides to reboot Batman in the Justice League movie. While I would love to see a completely new take on Batman, I don’t deny that this piece of news has me interested in what Warner Bros. has up its sleeve.


*The whole, “My name is Robin” bit at the end was, in my opinion, a bit too fanservice-y. It’s as if Nolan himself were jabbing the audience’s ribs saying, “Get it? Get it? He’s Robin!”

3 thoughts on “Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Justice League?

  1. DrFrood says:

    I got the impression that Nolan stuck the ‘Robin’ bit in as a joke, given how he and Bale spent so much time talking about how they refused to have Robin in the films. Or maybe it was misdirection – he aimed to do a complete take on the Batman mythos in a trilogy, so a sidekick really had to show up at some point…

    Justice League movie has all the hallmarks of a car crash waiting to happen, if only because it’s all so rushed – it’s like ‘Marvel done we good, we can done good too but we will make it without introducing anyone in other films/media except Arrow, which is terrible and no one’s watching it. So we’ve got sad Batman and sombre Superman and Robin Hood with Batman’s backstory (seriously, check out Arrow) and, and. Damn.

    Audience: why does this man run so fast? Why is she wearing a Victoria’s Secret outfit and what’s with the whip? Why is he bald and green? Why is the woman in the outfit with the whip not on screen more?

    • Devin says:

      See, on one hand, I see where you are coming from. The Avengers was amazing in part because it was so well thought out and because Marvel took their time getting there.

      However, the reason they spent so much time planning out the franchise and introducing the characters was because those characters did not have the brand appeal of the major superheroes like Batman and Superman. Most people, even if they are not familiar with the comic books, know who Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern are, meaning that the individual movies is not really that necessary for Justice League.

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