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October 8, 2012 by Devin

Looper, a film by Rian Johnson starring Joseph Gordon Levitt* and Bruce Willis, was recently released. I just saw it yesterday. It was a marveously intense science fiction film with a great aesthetic and interesting plot. I completely recommend it.

Like most movies I recommend without spoiler warnings, I am not going to talk much about the plot. I am a firm beilever in going into a film as fresh as possible, even though I love to look at trailers and see news stories about movies I am looking forward to.** Suffice to say, it’s an intense science fiction action movie based around the concept of hitman who kill people sent from the future.*** The premise is wonderfully unique and there are so many little touches of ingenuity throughout the film. It is definitely one I would not mind owning at all.

However, I have noticed something whenever I see movies about time travel, especially when I see them with other people. The actual intracacies of time travel often become more important than the actual plot. People spend their time worrying about the little facets of possibility rather than discussing the character development. Those are all fun conversations to have, but one of the reasons why Looper is fantastic is that it uses time travel as a premise to tell a much deeper tale.

So don’t get bogged down by the details. Instead, just enjoy the ride.

*I hear people are now referring to this actor as “JGL.” People, stop it.
**It’s a problem I have.
***When watching the movie, notice how the narration instantly gets you up to speed on the plot details. Very few movies are able to do exposition so clearly and succinctly, especially science fiction movies.

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